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[QUOTE=MSNik;3670404]Nenu, doesnt make any sense...if heat /humidity and the change in weather makes your symtoms flare- that IS heat sensitivity! Why would you sit in a hot tub, knowing that it can make your symptoms flare? Dont mean to be in any way disrespectful, but you agreed that it hurts you- why do it?

Well Snoopy kinda backed me up in saying that she too has certain 'types' of heat that bother her.

I was a bathaholic all through my limbo period, but 40C + heat and humidity from weather just destroyed me, even then.

I agreed the weather heat bothers me. Baths I have always been able to soak in for hours. Actually, the reason why I love baths so much is due to the bath settling my headaches. I've been a long time migraine sufferer, and I find hopping in the warm bath for years has actually eased my headaches significantly.

Nothing is normal with MS, got that right lol. :)

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