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Re: How long?
Jul 30, 2008
I began seeing my dentist (specialist in facial pain resulting from dentistry/jaw/etc) in March 07. I then finally saw a neurologist in October (?) 07. He was no help what so ever.

My E.N.T. (ear nose throat) specialist that I began seeing in December 07 referred me for my MRI in Feb. 08 (He saw me 3 times before the MRI). He got me in for the MRI in 1 week. The secretary said, "That is unheard of honestly".

February 19th 08 he read me my results, but they had the results in hand before I went to that appointment, and had already called in my current neurologist, knowing the results were pointing towards MS at the time.

Saw my current neuro Feb. 27th 08, LP Feb. 29th 08, began steroids by IV the same day as well. Diagnosed with MS March 5, 08.

All considered (I didn't have a family doctor the whole time) I got in to these specialists very quickly. I've since met a 3rd Neurologist (May 08) because I ended up in the hospital in relapse (this was right before I began my Copaxone) who was very nice as well, and he actually filled in for me while my neuro was on vacation.

It seems that there are plenty of neuros here for some reason, not enough family doctors. I got a family doctor in 12 hours of being diagnosed, since my neuro who gave me the diagnosis went to his colleagues and asked who would take me on as a patient, explaining my situation.

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