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My story, had ON May 2002, was having some pain in my left eye, moving it around bothered my but the pain was nothing I couldn't handle, so after 4-5 days I decided to see my eye doctor as he helped me when I had a partical go in my left eye 6-8 months prior to seeing him. I saw him on a Thursday and said he couldn't see anything wrong in my eye but wanted me to come in Friday to do a visual field test. He wasn't going to be their so he would let me know the results later on the day, well I woke up in the morning it was like I was a little foggy seeing out of my left eye, so went did my visual field test and was told my visual field is off, then eye doc calls me from his meetings and tells me that he is makeing an appointment to see a specialist for Monday or Tuesday and that if I have any further pain to go to the emerg at a hospital and tell them I may have retrobulbar optic nueritis, uhggg, what the hell, what could be so wrong that I would have to go to the hospital, he didn't want to say to frighten me, eyesight got worse to the point everything was getting fuggier and painful but still bearable.

Ya went to the hospital Sunday afternoon only to sit there for 4hrs in emerg to twittle my thumbs, one guy came from playing soccer and dislocated his finger or thumb can't remember, anyhow I went to triage and said well how long before I get threw the doors to see a doc, couple of hours she said, unbeleivable put that guy with this dislocated thumb in my place, she says why! don't you want to wait, I aske her is their an eye specialist or anyone that knows about my possible eye condition, she says no, well if I am going to go blind I might as well be at home compfortable than sitting here wasting my time then.:D

I see the eye specialtist with my wife and the guy starts telling me about possible ms while we do some eye test, the only thing I coud see were colours and everything else was a fog. He sends meto a NeuroOpthamologist who had a special interest in ON. I see him and he sets me up to have steroids intervenusly done at home for 3 days and start taking pills after that, I asked him if I started working out again while on the roids would get muscular faster, joking of course never done that. He made an appointment for to do the evoke test (I think thats what its called)and everything was fine but my left eye. Needless to say I was freaked out already with this whole ms scare, not really knowing anything about it thinking what is going to happen to me, I just had my son (well not me the wife) and my daughter was 2 at the time, everything went threw my head from death to being blind to parilized to my marriage, everthing.

I started seein good in a couple weeks had my mri appointment for end of July and thanks to my buddy, his dad calls me and says when I call you can you come rightaway, well ya, sure enough he calls me the Monday a week after all this crap going on and had my mri done before the Neuro came back from vacation, I knew what the anwser was before he came back, no leasions or anything abnormal, well I was feeling pretty good that day!!! I see the neuro for the results and do more eye test, telling me it is possible that I may not get full eyesight back, meaning I may not have 20/20 vision, but all was well had 20/20 vision and he says that I am 1 in a million and do not have ms.

March 2007

Possible problem - expeirenced a little tingling and numbness for a week or 2, with my right leg and upper thigh felt like I had heater on it, didn't go to family doc. has never come back.

Possible problem - terrible ich and pain in left arm to the point of taking skin off, didn't sleep for 2 months its was so bad went to see my doc, he wasn't sure except that it might be neuro dermititis because it effected the nerves down to my forearm. Sends me to a neuro I wish it was the one I delt with before cause the goof he sent me to I wanted to punch him, shity attitude.
It has been going on a 5 months at this point and finally had mri of the neck area and found a lesion and since then had another mri of the brain which shows about 8 lesions. Not happy. but right off the bat the lesion I had on my spine hey you have ms. Sent me to the ms clinic January 3rd 2008 and well I have been dx with mild ms, well happy new year. What a hum dinger, but the problem with my arm isn't ms apperently but since I have been taking a stronger cortisone and Panetan cream it is much better. I sleep better now and sometimes I slap the ice on it and it helps cool it down when the skin getts really red and irritating and blister like. I was pretty angry for awhile.

Totally weird cause threw all of this no blood work was done till I told my family doc to test for anything that mimics ms otherwise I wouldn't know if I have some other issues that can mimic ms and the neuro at the ms clinic never even suggest blood work and when I asked about the spinal tap she said even if it came back negative it wouldn't change her dx. Mind you she never pushed me for to do the meds it was my choice but if she felt that I had to she would say so. My next mri is in September hoping that there is no new lesions, and praying that they are meraculesly gone. I know wishfull thinking.

I haven't really told anyone except my parents and brother or even spoke of this since. I have been a healthy guy my whole life, sick very rarely I mean rarely, always in good health, I never see my family doc much and even know. When I read all the post and problems that everyone is having or had I say how could this be ms with me, but it does effect everyone differently. Nothing even in my family history has ms and all are in good health.

Sorry if I bored anyone cause I think I bored myself lol, thats my story for know and sticking to it.

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