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Have to tell you that after my google search on my symptoms, I started really researching websites and found you guys.

Okay, hard to say where to start. Last week I fell again. That did it for me. I know something is not right and that it has to be neurological. But decided to type in 3 symptoms I had into the google search engine. (wanted to add a 4th but was afraid that it would get too many different results back). None seemed to related to the others. I typed in the one that has really been most debillitating. "Heat intolerance." Then, the one that has damaged my body the most, "clumsy", then, the newest concern, "tremors." Fatigue would have been the fourth one to add.

Anway, the shock I got when several results came back as MS.

Let me go back to at least 3 years ago. I talked to my primary doc about this terrible heat sensitivity. It was more than a hot flash. She referred me to my GYN doc. Her answer was to double up on my estrogen replacement to .2 mg. I tried that but no luck.

Then, was referred to an endocrinologist. She ran battery of blood tests. Came back as I had Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Hey, wait, hypothyroiditis has a symtom of "cold intolerance." Prescribed synthroid. No relief.

Then, she ran more tests and came back with Vit. D. deficiency so that I took once a week for 3 months 50,000 units of ergocalciferol. No relief. And, after getting off it for 6 months, follow up blood tests say I am now D deficient again and back on the supplement. Still, the Endo doc still refers to my heat intolerance as "hot flashes." Sheesh! No way.

Then, there is the clumsiness. Injuries all on my left side. Since 1990 I have sufferered 5 falls or trips that resulted in major injuries. I have broken my left foot two times, my left leg just walking back into an apartment and tripping on the metal slide thingy on the sliding glass door on the floor, two severe sprains, and oh, the really bad one was last September. Walked where I have walked so many times in the past 5 years at work, and yet, this one time, stepped on uneven pavement (always there) and was knocked off balance. Landed on my left elbow. Dislocated the elbow and broke every bone in my arm. Have a 9 inch scar and lots of pins at the sight from the emergency surgery.

Just this past year three of these injuries have happened: broke my foot, then arm and then again in April of this year, my left foot again was badly sprained and had to be put in a walking cast.

Now, suffering from hand tremors in my left hand and feel quivering in my left upper arm.

Today, after reading here, I decided to call and made an appointment with a neurologist. Because of what I read here, I made sure to ask if he deals with MS. I feel silly to "self-diagnose." However, I really believe this is neurological. With my history of falls, I am so careful now. I walk with my head down and watch where I am going. Yet, stepping over a curb onto a grassy area, my foot just didn't seem to lift up high enough and I caught it on the curb and went flying. Luckily, landed on grass area and only got a skinned right knee. It was my left foot that caught on the curb. Last week.

I'm 56 y/o but some of this stuff has been going on for at least 18 years I think. Or more. I see the Neuro next Friday, the 8th. Are there any questions I should ask him, or maybe things I should consider which someone new to this would not think relevant. Luckily, I don't have any eye problems. I get really burning, blurry eyes and they water when I am tired, but not anything else. I was kind of freaked to learn at my last eye exam a few months ago that I am already developing a cataract at this "young" age.

One last thing, I am scared to death when I walk and also hear my left foot seem to "slap" the pavement. I blamed some of this on new bifocals but I was wearing my contacts during my last fall and in way earlier falls. My endo says it's because I have thin ankles and high arches and she even showed me my "turtle toes" but they are again on my left foot. Does MS strike only on one side?

I'm really sorry to post such long email. Just so much brain over-load for me in short amount of time. Can they fix the fatigue problem? Can they fix heat intolerance? Can they fix anything?

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