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Sout. Wow. first, I want to tell you that Im very confused. Your post was alittle tough to follow. Maybe you could break it down and try again? We would very much like to help you make sense of this!

Lets go back to the beginning, the b12 deficiency that you mention- could and would cause almost all of the symptoms that you mentioned. And, you said you have now had 17 shots and are feeling somewhat better- thats good news. Have you had your blood work done recently to see if the shots have raised your levels to a higher, more normal level? Yours were very low...

Then, you mentioned that you were dx with Chiari? Thats alot more serious...Chiari mimics MS in many, many ways...however one of the signs that I always hear about with Chiari is the optical Neuritis, which you didnt mention- have you ever had eye issues? But, you also said (I think) that 3 years later, the chiari was gone.....that makes absolutely no sense at all to ME. Could you further explain that?

You asked about MS. MS is not easily recognized or diagnosed. However, the starting point for both MS or Chiari would be regular MRIs, both of the spine and brain and both with and without contrast. When I say regularly, I mean every 6 months! Both of these diseases do NOT come and go; although what doesnt show up today, could show up next week on imaging tests (mri's). So thats why its important to have them regularly.

To me, it sounds like you have not had regular medical care- that it has been sporadic. Forgive me if Im wrong, Im trying to read your post to get this informtion. If that is the case, be it due to not having had insurance, or whatever, the time has come to find a GOOD neurologist. Forget the regular MD primary care doc when it comes to the neurological symtoms. A good primary should be referring you to a good neuro- and watching what is going on. for some of us, our primary doc is the one who coordinates all of our health care. In my case- i gave up on my primary and see him for soar throats and nothing more! my Neuro is in charge of anything blood work, medicine and neurological at all times! Nevertheless, with your list of symptoms it could go either way.....either its your b12 deficiency causing these problems, or there are Chiara or MS issues which need to be addressed. Also, have you been tested for Lyme, Lupus, and other issues which can also be confused with MS?

Please let us know what exactly they have tested you for, tell us more about why Chiari was suspected and then ruled out and when your last MRI was...if it was more than a year ago- start there! With a good neuro! A regular primary should only be invovled to refer you to specialists at this point...

good luck to you.

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