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Hello...just wondering about 2000 I was diagnosed with a "hidden"B12 B12 level was 278(normal>200-1100),but my methymalonic acid level was sky high and doctor said I needed B12 shots...I was given B12 shots monthly for just over one year and it was suggested that I get them 3-4 times a year so I wouldn't get that low again.I went 5 years without any more shots(due to no insurance).Then in Sept.2006 I started feeling really weak,so I went thru a whole bunch of drs. that couldn't find anything wrong with me(my B12 was checked and it was 222)...finally I saw a neirologist at a university who called my MD and TOLD him I needed B12 shots.Also I was found to have chiari malformation I on my MRI(which was in Dec.2006),but I didn't have it on my 1999 MRI.It's a 6mm herniation and the neurologist said not to worry about it.So in Jan.2007 is when I saw the neurologist and I started getting B12 shots monthly at my MD's office(17 shots I've had so far).I feel much better in some ways,but not in others.So I don't have any brain lesions(at least none that show),but I have a host of symptoms and they are making me wonder if I have MS now that my B12 level is more stable and at a good level.My symptoms went away in 2002,but came back so much worse in 2006.My symptoms are almost always constant,but get even worse when I am in hot temperatures,also I am in post menopause and when I have hotflashes I actually get disabled...everyone says that's not related to menopause(my MD seems to know nothing!) are my symptoms:weakness in hands,arms,legs,feet...balance problems,twitching in ankles/feet,bruising where I was itching mosquito bites,occasional slurred speech,constant fatigue,muscle spasms,blurred vision(also have had focal seizures),numbness(sometimes in a leg or an arm...),uncoordinated(like if I bend over at the sink to wash my hands I feel like somethings around my waist and feel like my arms aren't working right),heat intolerance,joint pain/stiffness...I do get some pin'n needles,but it was worse when my B12 was lower,face pain sometimes(I try not to chew any food hard),back pain,electric shock type of pain(down neck thru spine),I have a hard time holding change in my hands(?)....I think that's about all of them.I can't understand what happened to me...I am planning on seeing my old neurologist(he just got back in my insurance plan),but I thought maybe someone here who has MS could tell me whether my symptoms sound like possible MS symptoms.I know B12 deficiency has similar symptoms,but my B12 level is okay now(I'm still getting shots,but I have all these symptoms still).I feel like I'm sooo disabled...I hate this,but I deal with it everyday and am trying really hard to function in a non-functioning body....thank you~Scout:angel:

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