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Hey all. I just came back from my Neuro where he went over my MRI. Good news is that there are NO new lesions and nothing showing up on contrast...we spoke about Rebif, he thinks it is the best drug in the world for me, this is now 2 years of being on it, 2 years of regular MRIs and blood work and 2 years of no new developements! So, good, right?

Then, he showed me my MRIs compared to 6 months ago, and pointed out something which has changed. He called them black holes and explained them to be brain tissue which is actually eaten, by the MS. He said previously there had been several lesions in that area, and I can see where they used to be (white). However, now they are black spots- and quite large. Almost a full cm in diameter. My doc laughs at me and tells me I have plenty of brain cells to spare and that this is normal MS thing, but I wonder about it. Has anyone else been told about black holes or why/how they develope and what the consequences are of them being there?

He was adamant that this was not something to worry about, so Im trying not to, but figured someone here MIGHt have more to add on the subject.

Other than that, another year of Rebif is in my future...we have graduated now to only having MRIs every year, intead of 6 months, and my blood work will now be 2x a year, instead of quarterly...thats all good.

I also spoke to him at length about Chiro care, due to my disc issues and stenosis- he absolutely forbid me to try again, stating that the nerve damage is so severe, he wants NO ONE working on my back for ANY reason....he figures a Neuro-surgeon is eventually in my future, however, we arent going that route yet. He is going to continue to offer me steroid shots in my muscle in my back, for pain control- but doesnt expect this to get anything but worse over the next 3- years...
thats my, what do you all know about Black Holes??

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