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You have been helpful to me very much and I thank you in advance for helping me again.

I now have 2 positive tests. My brain MRI results shows "scattered nonspecific Foci of T2 Signal abnormalities in the subcortical and deep white matter" That is exactly how the MRI report reads, nothing more, nothing less.

I also have had a positive Lyme Disease test.

I am just crying with confusion. If you speak to a Lyme literate Md as I have, it is Lyme. If you speak to a Neurologist, it is MS.

If you post at the Lyme forums, it is Lyme.

Here - you have been more discerning...thankfully.

Here is a (hopefully) quick rundown of my history:
10 years ago Vertigo/Migraines begin - MRI - normal.

2006 - Shoulder blade pain (very neuro in orgin) begins, all tests normal, (no brain MRI) had spinal MRI's - showed nothing.

Had kenalog (corticosteroid) shot to relieve pain in shoulder blade...pain EXCRUCIATING begins to disseminate body-wide.

Neurologist suggest viruses have been re-activated....was correct, had extremely high EBV, HHV6 and HSV titers.

More tests run Lyme disease and co-infections return positive. Antibiotics are started.

Now w/Lyme your symptoms will increase when on antibiotics called the "herxheimer" reaction - I have a horrbile "herx" reaction. Thinking I have found out everything wrong with me.

2 years of treatment, improved possibly 15% - nueropathy is horrible and widespread though, headaches, migraines. MRI is ordered.

Lesions found this week.

My main symptoms are widespread pain, lots of muscle pain too, tendon pain you name it, I have it. I have had cranial neuropathy w/tender scalp, burning muscle pain.

The last two years I have had pretty much non-stop pain, partial remissions for a few days at a time, one time for about 25 days, but I woud say the pain was tolerable not as bad and then it would start again.

I am curious to know - are there any definitive symptoms of MS? I know I have read bladder problems, I don't have that, Lhermitte sign - even with all the pain I've had I have not had that and no optic neuritis.

It seems as though I likely have Lyme Disease, but it too can be confused with many diseases.

I think I have either MS or Lyme there anything else you can tell me after reading this....does this sound typical of MS?

This is so serious, if I treat for MS and am wrong and I have Lyme, the MS treatments of corticosteroids could make me much sicker.

Any opinions appreciated.

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