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Hi Glitch5660,
Spasticity...I have this problem often. I don't usually get it the whole length of my body at once, but often throughout my legs into my feet and toes. I know exactly what you mean when you talk about how your muscles all of the sudden contract and you can't do a thing about it and then it will relax after a minute or so. This is a problem I have been dealing with for a few years now especially at night when I'm in bed. I tried taking Baclofen to help relax the muscles (half a pill 3x a day), however, Baclofen does not agree with my bladder that well at night, so I had to change it and only take it in the morning. I try not to take it all of the time now but I still will sometimes to help if I am really tense, but in the long run, I find the only thing that really keeps me from tensing up too much is to keep my muscles stretched. Over all it does help, my muscles are always a little spastic, some days better than others, but the stretching at least helps ward off the Charlie Horses I often get in my calves...ouch! Sorry I couldn't give you more tips. Good luck with everything.
Take Care,

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