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Acai berries?
Sep 20, 2008
Hi Friends. I haven't been here for a week because my husband crashed the computer. I missed this place a lot, and Husband's getting me a laptop for Christmas, thank goodness.

I am wondering if anyone has tried that drink/supplement made with the acai berries. I had heard of it before, and I'm prone to considering it snake oil. The other day I got a call from my father, who has shown very minimal interest or concern in me having MS. He told me he spent $40.00 on this stuff for me to try. He is hoping that it will give me more energy, and he bought it from a wife of an MS'er that he works with. I graciously accepted, happy that he is showing interest. The problem is, I think it's just really expensive juice. I've been drinking 2 oz twice a day since Tuesday, and I haven't noticed any difference, but I do like the taste of it. You're supposed to see results in two days.

The stuff is made of acai berries and other fruits with lots of antioxidants. It comes in what looks like a wine bottle. My question is, has anyone tried this and seen good results? Can this many antioxidants harm me in any way, causing havoc on my immune system? The cynic in me is saying that it won't help me, but I really want to know if it can harm me. Would a handful of blueberries be just has beneficial?

I certainly can't afford to spend 40.00 a bottle on this stuff. My father said that if it works, he'll buy me more, but I don't want him spending this much money on it either. I'm curious if anyone out there has tried it. Thanks!

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