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Maybe MS?
Oct 4, 2008
Hello... I've been lurking around here a little bit the last week and figure it's time to ask a few questions of my own..
Basically I went to the dr about a month ago because of a non stopping numbness that appeared in HALF of both of my big toes.. but never goes away.. occasionally it spreads to other parts of my feet for random amounts of time.. This went on for 2 months when I finally went ;) I'm not a big fan of drs but it was obviously not going to go away on it's own.
My DR asked if I had any lower back problems.. Actually on some random occasions I feel what I imagine is a pinched nerve in my lower back that goes to one hip or the other.. and after I have a large amount of muscle weakness in my leg.. I can stand on it.. but if I bend my knee there isn't enough strength to hold up my weight.. walking is out of the question... After mentioning this he said it could possibly MS but really unlikely.. he just mentioned it for the rare just in case..
Since then I've been web searching symptoms and I see that I've had several off and on for the past 8 years.. The thing is.. tho a lot fit MS symptoms.. they also.. kind of don't.. I listed them all off for the dr (he didn't read most of the list) but said he doesn't think it is MS because MS is without pain and I do have 'nerve pains'..
Anyway.. here are my questions...
Can MS be painful? As in.. sometimes I feel sharp shooting pains in my arms and legs on random occasions for no apparent reason.. I feel something like pins and needles sticking in me... backs of my legs mostly but also hands feet arms neck face.. this doesnt 'hurt' as much as its annoying and itchy :p and occasionally I feel dull joint pain.. I also feel pain in my jaw at times.. almost like its my teeth hurting.. but its all of my top jaw o_O
so.. Is MS painful? and.. I see that symptoms are typically on one side of the body or the other.. but are they ever on both sides at once? I looked up about the face pain I have and everywhere I have read says it only happens on one side of the face because it's 2 different nerves.. but for me.. every time its both sides o_O I have numbness in my arms.. it's always both arms at the same time.. is that possible with MS? or is this more than likely something different..

Basically now I'm just annoyed and wanting to know what's wrong with me :/ It's been almost a month now and I know NOTHING.. at the moment my dr is waiting on tests to see what is the problem with my back... and if there is nothing on this test (that was supposed to arrive thursday) then I will have an MRI
I really don't want to have MS.. but at the same time.. I want to know what is wrong with me so I can deal with it and go back to work! :)j
Sorry for the massive long post and lack of any sentence structure.. I learned how to type in a chat room as a teenager ;)

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