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Feeling helpless
Oct 15, 2008
I am a 29 year old woman.. here is a breakdown of occurances.. I was in the US military deployed overseas when i was in a bad truck roll over, i have been in therapy and hospitals since with neck, back, and body problems.. I have had a twitch since about two months after wreck occured my spouse calls them my teretz ticks, i drop stuff all the time, have numbness in my two little fingers on right side of hand, my knees buckle under me out of no where, i get really sharp throbbing pain in my upper legs, crippling back pain to where it hurts to even roll over sometimes. i have had an MRI and it showed deterioration of the disc in my neck and the disc is pushing up on the spinal cord which the doctor says this is the cause of my symptoms, but they are truly getting worse. i know when i have spazms during my twitches i shout things out not like teretz, but just the word NO, and my ticks are getting worse and my body is out of control it feels like. my spouse and i went on a little getaway last week, and unfortunately this is embarrassing, but i'm having little control over my urination. we were walking along the beachside and i just peed on myself, i was so embarrassed.. then the next day i was fine worried about it, but fine til the following day i urinated on myself again so my wife went online and did some searching i see my doctor at the VA this friday and going to see about getting an MRI, but would you approach your doctor and just ask for the test or should he be the one to come up with the idea. I just would hate that he thought i was making it up and just wanted it done, but I'm getting worried now that i'm peeing on myself it's scaring me to be honest with you guys.. i'm more so worried that they might find something wrong with me other than from car wreck but wife is worried about me now cause she says i'm prime for ms.. what do you think? iw ould love any advice you have to offer thank you so much:confused:

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