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Re: MRI vs Lumbar P
Oct 31, 2008
I didn't need an LP to get a diagnosis either. I had an MRI of the brain, and fortunately there was an older one to compare it to. An LP may lead you to an answer, so if I were in your shoes, I'd get it too. What the others said about ruling out other illnesses is very, very important, since many illnesses mimic MS. I had all the blood work, and I also had a nerve conduction study. That test showed nerve damage in my left leg, but it was not the test that diagnosed me, just another piece of the puzzle. My PCP diagnosed me based on all of the tests, my symptoms, and history--I had some events that were documented from years before, all trips to the ER. Then my doc sent me to an MS specialist to confirm, and he did right away. I had an MRI of my cervical spine done after my diagnosis, which also showed lesions.

Anxiety does have to be ruled out, because it causes so many physical symptoms. Lots of us have been told it was stress or anxiety related. But you know if your anxiety is that bad, so listen to your body. Have you had panic attacks? It's perfectly normal to feel anxious or panicky after a traumatic event, but anxiety disorders are usually chronic. And there is no doubt that NOT knowing causes anxiety; it certainly did for me. Having a diagnosis was a [B]huge[/B] relief. Keep on searching for the cause of your symptoms so you'll know how to fight it. Just acting and searching will relieve your anxiety a bit.

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