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Hello everyone. I have been suffering with back pain for the past fifteen months mainly caused by severe muscle spasms. I have a few discs that are damaged, and one that is herniated and compressing the L-4 nerve root. I have seen three spine specialists and none of them seem to think that the herniation is causing all the pain and spasm. I never gave much thought about having anything but a back problem until the last three months, as my symptoms seem to be getting worse and not better. I have developed intermittant numbness in my right leg, which could be caused by the pinched nerve, but it comes and goes (mainly goes when I'm at the doctor's office LOL). I have also lost some sensation in my right hand and forearm that is constant. Four or five times a day I get a buzzing sensation in either of my thighs like a cell phone on vibrate, I check my pocket but there is no phone. I have had a problem with cold temperatures causing spasms in the past, but I also have a hard time with heat. When I get home from work, I have to lay down on a heating pad to calm the back spasms, but when the air temp was over 70, I had to have the air conditioner on the rest of my body. I have noticed in the last month that my body, especially my back and legs become numb after getting out of a warm shower.
I have an awful time of focusing my eyes, especially when I have to concentrate on something, before I had perfect vision with glasses, I am nearsighted. I find myself lost in the middle of a sentence sometimes, and I have a heck of a time trying to pick back up. I used to be able to put in 8 to 10 hour workdays with no problem, now I have about 3 good hours and the rest of the day is touch and go. By the time I get home at night, there is nothing left. I have to lay down for an hour or two, sometimes I fall asleep, but not always. I rarely get more than 4 hours of sleep in a row, either the pain wakes me up or I have to go to the bathroom (frequent urination through the night).
I have had 2 sets of mri's on my spine, and there was no mention of MS, but I thought that I would ask your opinion. I considered perhaps a medication side effect, but one of my medications was changed, and the other I stopped for a while, and it made no difference.
Sorry for the long post, just trying to get some answers.

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