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Hello everyone,

Iposted on thyroid Board as well. Four years ago I started having scary symptoms. Heres a few if i can remember them, Blurry vision stop lights and all other lights had starburst around them bad, memory loss, finger and joint pain, get sweaty hot for no reason and then go away, panic attacks out of no were, depression, loss of interest in everything i loved to do, swallowing problems, dizziness, and the list goes on and on. I went to the hospital got put through a ton of test including an MRI, and Lumbar Puncture. The MRI showed lesions but not specific to MS according to neuro. And negative Lumbar. But the hospital Doctor came into my room after 2 days and said we are 80% sure you have MS and that Ineeded to get to a neuro asap. So I did and that was 4 years ago and my neuro till this day still hasn't confirmed MS. So i pursued Lymes disease because it is the most misdiognosed disease in the country. So i went and spent the money out of network to see a LLMD in Wisc that said he was 100% sure I had Lymes based on my symptoms and that it was chronic. So I got my normal Doc to follow his protocol with a picc line for antibiotics along with 2 orals. Well after 4 weeks of treatment still nothing. Well to get to my chills question. Does anybody get these chills associated with MS I wiil try to describe these the best I can. Example: If you are in bed were its nice and warm and you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and all of a sudden a little wind hits your skin and now you have the worst case of the chills were you cant evn talk your muscles tighten up so bad they hurt my wife will have to put blankets in the dryer and wrap them around me tight, if even i move alittle and air hits me it triggers them again. Then you sweat as your freezing and the next day you feel like crap almost like it was a ms epasode. Sorry so long and confusing but I am so lost at this point I will do anything for an answer.

Thanks everybody that has replyed to my messege. I was told I have MS by a doctor in the hospital when i first went to the er with all my symptoms, but when i went to my neuro the next week they never diognosed me and here i am 4 1/5 later still with no dignoses and only getting worse. I just recently went through a one month treatment for possiable chronic lymes disease and that was hell. I had a picc line placed in my arm and had to administer antibiotics through it, and also take 3 other ones along with it, all along going through the police academy. I know it's MS i just wish i could get a dignoses and get on with my life. I have the lesions on the brain, dizziness, memory loss, foot drop, muscle spasms, depression, loss of interest in everything i use to love to do, and the list goes on. My question is this has anybody who has started treatment for MS do these chills ever get better or not or does anything work for this?


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