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Re: Buzzing
Nov 9, 2008
Buzzing, in the foot or leg, or any other part of the body is a common problem with MS....heat, hot showers and humidity can defintaely contribute to it in a big way.

What causes it is nerve damage, or an attack. If you are familiar with how MS attacks, it almost makes sense.

If you arent, here is the short version: ;)

Attacks are on the Myelin sheath of the nerve. This is comparable to the rubber which protects a extension cord. Inside that cord is the nerve, where on the outside is the protective Myelin Sheath. When an attack happens, it hits the protective coating (the Myelin). This can cause the buzzing, or the smaller effects that we have. MOST IMPORTANTLY is WHERE the attack occurs....if it is in the brain, it can cause buzzing, dizziness, cognitive difficulties, balance problems, etc....if it is on the optical nerve, eye problems happen, such as optical neuritis, peripheral vision problems, blind spots. If it is on the SPINE, similar to the brain, it can cause walking problems, but sometimes more severe in both duration and pain- as well as sometimes more noticable then a smaller brain related attack.

Attacks on the Myelin Sheath can be tiny, or huge....its when they actually cause nerve damage that they can become permanent in nature causing permanent disability problems, or even just like I have- a permanent scarring of the nerve. In my case, an attack on the brain, led to permenant numbness of the left hand. I cant feel it. I can use it- my brain still sends the signal to hold things, pick up things, even carry things, but I cant feel everything I do, from typing to holding a bag - is automatic. I drop things as often as I not- I tingle and burn and have pain all the time, but there is nothing wrong with my hand or fingers...its all from the attack on my brain which causes this to "short out".

If it is random buzzing, it will probably go away on its own....avoiding things which stimulate the nerves (heat, hot showers) will help it...some times, icing the area, and calming it down help....massage might help, or might make it worse...its totally up to you with your comfort level. If someone massages my fingers, I go thru the roof in pain! If I hold ice bag, it doesnt help....and yet, when I get out into the heat and humidity, it screams in pain! You have to just get used to the sensation and try to figure out what helps for you. IF IT IS NERVE PAIN, there are some drugs which help some people. Lyrica, Neurontin or Gabapentin help some people...not me, but some. I did find that when I got on Rebif, most of my buzzing sensations seemed to stop- however that might just be me, and my disease.

Its a tough question to answer and im sorry im babbling, but only trying to give you a better understanding of what your body is telling you. I hope I didnt confuse you more!

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