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Last year, I developed a variety of neurological issues following a virus. I had an MRI done, and they found a few small, nonspecific, white matter changes in the brain. They did NOT enhance. They also found several herniated disks, which they believed were the cause of my problem. I also have a visual evoked potentials, auditory evoked potentials, and EEG done (triple evoke), which was thankfully normal.

I started PT, and thankfully feel much better. Last week, I had another set of MRI's done as we agreed to watch everything. This set of MRIs was done by a different radiologist who noted the herniations, but mentioned nothing of the white matter changes. It turns out that he did not compare them to my previous year's MRI.

My neurologist is trying to get in touch with him, but I'm thinking there are two possibilities:
1. The second radiologist missed the white matter changes on the film. Or;
2. The punctate foci they found are gone.

My neurologist suggested that the latter might concern him. If the lesions disappeared, would that be suggestive of MS? The lesions did not enhance on the first set of MRI's, which I think means they are older.

Thanks for any feedback you can give.

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