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im making a doc appt because i have been having some weird symptoms that coincide with ms. my husband has noticed the "symptoms", but i think he just thinks i am over worked. thing is i have had these symptoms for quite a while, and in the last 3 months they have worsened.
the symptoms i have noticed are i cant find a word for something, i loose my balance quite easily, i drop things, knock them over, i cant think half the time, i cant remember what i was talking about half way thru a sentence, i have alot of calf pain, im constantly constapated, urine leaks, tingling and buzzing thru out my body or in certain body parts, i have migraines, memory lapses. the scariest is i will be sitting and all of a sudden i have this feeling that ihave been esleep for a few seconds, kinda like i pass out. i really hesitate to go anywhere in fear of this episode happening while i drive. also my eyes hurt, loud noises kill my ears. i have quite a bit of body pain off and on. i have been tested for lupus, that was negative. i was told i have fibromyalgia, how ever when i went back to work and lost 20 lbs the pain in my hips went away. and i dont know how hip pain can constitute a fibromyalgia diagnosis.
if there are any questions i should ask my doc, or anything suggestions or idea what this may or may not be, i would greatly appreciate your feed back. Thank You.

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