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Re: Ms Help!!!
Dec 9, 2008
Yes, it's hard not knowing and MS is one of those diseases that people might think they know about and it's not until it touches their lives that they discover they really DON'T know about it!! It sounds like they're being very thorough and that's a very good thing. To a large extent, MS is a dx made by excluding other things. There are quite a lot of MS mimics mentioned in the link in the post at the top of this forum called "The Differential Dx of MS" and besides sx, sometimes brain lesions caused by other things can mimic MS lesions (most notably Lyme, but I've read about cases of B12 deficiency lesions mimicking MS lesions as well).

Make sure you know everything they're testing for. I just found out that someone who definitely has MS was not tested for HIV. She was tested only recently and although she's HIV negative and does have MS, she was (rightfully) stunned that they didn't test her for it in the first place!

In addition to the blood testing for dx purposes, if you do eventually go onto get an MS dx, I highly recommend you getting your vitamin D levels tested -- a complete panel. That said, let's not get ahead of ourselves -- keep us posted and we are here to help! Again, most importantly -- know that you are not alone!!! :)

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