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Hi. I'm new here and have not been diagnosed with MS (haven't taken enough tests to rule it out tho).

I'm a 45 year old woman who works full time with the following history/symptoms, and oh, I also battle depression. I'm single, no kids.
In 1999 I was diagnosed with polymyositis. It started rather severely but tapered off, and I was basically in remission for years, with a few relapses but nothing serious ... so I considered myself very lucky.
This year started out with weight loss (purposeful), recovery from another very anxiety-ridden depression, and a trip to Spain. After I came back from Spain I was very tired (was tired before hand too but I think Spain did me in. It was a "tour" where you have to get up early, pack, unpack, pack, etc).
I tease people that I slept through July. Then I realized I'm probably depressed again, too AND I'm probably having a relapse of polymyositis. So I go to a new rheumy (who treats a.i diseases with alternative methods) ... and my cpk was normal (no trace of myositis). I had it taken twice because I didn't believe it.
Blood results showed:
Jo-1 antibodies elevated (I've had that since the diagnoses of the polymyositis)
Elevated ANA (1:160) with nucleolar pattern. (I really have no signs of scleroderma, I don't think anyway)
Positive Sjogren's SS-A (no real signs of sjogren's, tho)
normal RF factor (which is strange because I have slight arthritis in hands/ knees)
Sed Rate slightly elevated 29
Relatively but not dangerously high white blood count

My symptoms now:
Fatigue is my worse complaint. It snowballs with the depression.
Very stiff neck with pain
Thighs seem rubbery and there is a burning sensation (both thighs, front) and possibly a little swelling, hard to tell
Knees feel week and occassionally cause short sharp pain (while climbing stairs for example)
hands/feet get tingly easily, usually when I'm sleeping or sitting in a strange position for a period of time
I get overheated fast. I am barely ever cold. I am usually complaining it's too warm
Involuntary muscle tightening, however, when I realize it, I can release it (usually in thighs, and neck/upperback/shoulder area).
I don't know if I've had spasms persay, but everynight when I fall asleep I do twitch ... and it's the same twitch everynight. First somewhere in the abdomen, then in my neck. Happens maybe once or twice while falling asleep, but it's never really happened like that before).
The back of my thighs are bright red. I think this is from one day I was out in the sun in August (at the beach!!) .. I thought it was sunburn but the color never went away. It's clear I will NEVER tan there again.

That's all I can think of.
I haven't been back to the rheumatologist .. he doesn't seem to think much is wrong.
Should I go back to him, or see a neurologist, or someone even suggested an infectious disease specialist?

Reading about MS makes me think I have it. However, there are alot of symptoms I do not have .... and I really should get out of the habit of diagnosing myself, although I do know, SOMETHING is wrong. Whether it's CFS or Fibromyalgia, sjogrens or MS .... or "mixed connective tissue disease"

Well thanks for reading. I just wanted to get a feel for those with MS if this sounds really familiar -- or maybe not.

Thanks for reading, I'll be back soon to read responses!


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