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hi again Toni:)

Merry Christmas to you too!

Okay let's se what we have going on here.Your symptoms are:
burning-stabbing pain in upper back
brain fog
aching legs(sometimes)
cold hands/feet
feeling of something stuck in throat
blurry vision
wavy lines in vision lasting 15-20 min.

As I said before low B12 mimics Ms....I see why you'd think you have MS,because you do have MS-like symptoms.They are also low B12 symptoms.

Since your dr. keeps an eye on your thyroid then thyroid problems can be ruled out as causing your symptoms.

I do know that bulging discs in the neck can also cause the same symptoms as since you had that taken care of it's safe to say that's not where the problem is coming from.A current brain/c-spine MRI would be a good idea just to rule in or rue out any new problem there.;)

On to the possible B12 have to ask your dr. for a B12 level test and an MMA test...the MMA is important,because lots of people have a "low-normal" B12 level and get misdiagnosed as being okay when they really have an "occult"(hidden) B12 deficiency(as was my case!).My MMA ws soooo high and my B12 was low-end the MMA showed a B12 deficiency at the tissue level.

All those symptoms you have that I listed above can be symptoms of low B12..I had All of them and many,many more.I get a B12 injection monthly,but am trying to go every two months now,but the monthly works better for me.

I'm going to list the other symptoms of low B12....
parathesis(pins'n needles feeling)in hands/feet
muscle aches
impaired vibration/position sense
impaired pain/touch perception
abnormal gait(unsteady walk)
decreased/increased reflexes
vision/taste impairment
Lhermitte's Sign(sudden electric-like shocks down the spine on flexing head)
positive Romberg's Sign(increased unsteadiness on feet when eyes are closed)
brain atrophy(this is modifiable with B12 therapy)
confusion/memory loss/disorientation
personality changes
glossitus(red,smooth,sore,glossy tongue)
heat/cold intolerance
fluid retention
muscle cramping/spasms

Also your age puts you in the group of women in perimenopause(that is when ALL my symptoms started!) I do fully understand what you're going through and I have compassion for anyone who has to experience all hose is a nightmare.:(

Having a vitamin or any kind of deficiency will put you at high risk for health problems when you enter into perimenopause.

I also had heart palpitation and was dx with a slight mitro valve prolapse,but that has cleared up after I was given B12 shots (it took about 8 monthly shots before most of my symptoms got better).

My dr. back in 1999 thought I had MS too,but I have no brain lesions.I have two bulging discs in c-spine(I had 6 weeks therapy for that) and my last MRI was in Dec.'06 and no lesions showing on that one either.I was dx with the hidden B12 March '00 and had monthly shots then I went 5 years without shots and ended up in the same situation...even I've been getting the shots again since Feb.'07.

The only symptoms I still have is mild weakness in my hands,unsteady walk,occasional tinnitus and heat/cold intolerance.My symptoms seem to flare up when my menopause is acting up(hot flashes...ugh!!!!).

I know this is a lot to process,but you also might benefit Greatly from a migraine/seizure neurologist put me on it for the "occular migraines"which he called "spells" and it did help me so much.Many women when they enter perimenopause have these "seizure-type vascular spells"...they actually are "simple sensory seizures".Sometimes a low phosphorus level can be seen on blood labs when you are having these episodes.

Really I would sk your dr. to check your B12 level and if it's in low normal range then ask for the MMA(methylmalonic acid test).Normal range is usually 200-1100(labs differ in there ranges) B12 was 274 which prompted my dr. to do the MMA which was 415...normal range was up to 115 I think so the MMA being so high pointed to a B12 deficiency.If your B12 is under 400 then you are apt to start getting all those "lovely" symptoms.:p

Hope this helps you in some way........I'm happy to answer any other questions you have.


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