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Feeling miserable
Jan 7, 2009
Hi all,

I still have no concrete dx of ms but Dr still suspects that is the cause of all my problems.
See him again next Wednesday and he will be referring me to a new neuro then so hopefully get something figured out this time!
Hope 2009 will be the end of my "holiday" on limbo island.
Happy new year to everyone by the way!!

I will cut to the chase and try to keep it short.
I have been feeling miserable for over 2 weeks now and only seem to be getting worse.
Started with headaches that turned into eye aches which I usually only felt behind the left eye but now in both.
Awful stabbing, aching, eyestrain type pains.

A couple days after eye pain started I noticed I couldnt read that well anymore.
My eyes had a hard time focusing, it wasnt due to blurry eyesight BUT was surprised to find that my eyes seem to be jumping somehow lately.
Hard to explain but it really feels like my eyes are jumping around, darting back and forth somehow and trembling.
If I try to read I find the my eyes will jump to a different line seemingly on their own and boy does that give me headaches!!!

Notice this is a lot worse when I am tired or if I am in a dimmer room.
Ok this wasnt the end of it, that strange trembling sensation of the eyes seems to have spread.
At first it spread to my face, my jaw kept trembling as did my lips and cheeks.
A few days later I felt it in my throat and at times was afraid to speak cause am afraid of sounding shaky. lol
You know how your voice shakes when you are really sad or very scared or nervous???
THAT is the same exact feeling that I get in my throat and eyes.

Now it has spread to my chest, stomach and it feels miserable
Why are my insides and everything trembling??
Not so much in the daytime altho I feel it mildly but really bad at night.
Lately I have been swaying and almost fell a few times cause am getting dizzy as well.

Ok this was accompanied the whole time with an increase in muscle spasms and twitching of everything!
Then I sometimes get this terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that I cant explain as well.
You know the feeling you get when your are unpleasantly startled?
How your insides tighten up in an instant and you get that icky feeling in your stomach like it dropped somehow?? lol

Also for the past week my lower legs have been bothering me in a really strange way.
EVERY NIGHT my lower legs from knees down ALWAYS feel frozen on the inside but skin feels strangely too warm.
What the heck is that???
It is really like an aching numbness that really hurts BUT when I do touch my legs they are warm and actually are not freezing at all.
Alright so last night I had the smart idea to use a water bottle hoping that would help me sleep and relieve the misery somehow.

I didnt realize until almost an hour later that the water was too hot BUT my legs never felt warmed up, the still felt frozen AND when I touched the bottle to my thigh?
It was HOT and it actually scared me to realize that what was hot my lower legs only perceived as luke warm.

Now on to the last thing that scares me although these are not all my symptoms but only the most troubling and new.

The last 4 or so nights when I am really relaxed just laying in bed I have been having these "episodes" but have had them a couple times during the day.
Its like my mind drops somehow?
I dunno like all of a sudden it stops and I am lost feel really stupid and I panic trying to think where I am, whats going on and even how to speak!!
I mean its really like losing myself or losing my mind for a few seconds at a time..

Please advise me on what these could be and if they will pass???
I am really worried about this now.
Has anyone gone through this before and will it get better or go away???
Please tell me Im not the only one!!

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