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It all started in Oct. of 2006. I started with severe gait instability and electrical jolting sensations shooting through my head through to my fingers. Severe fatigue and pain in legs. This them subsided in about 6 to 8 months later, leaving stabbing pain in legs from time to time, and fatigue. Dr. could find no lesions, said probable ms, no deffinete (sp) diagnosis.
Then in early 2006, i had what the dr.'s state - optic nueritis. Got eye sight back, but left back lines and dots in eyes. Still no leisons.. from MRI.
Long story short, feeling no confidence in Dr.'s, they make me feel like I am a hyprochrondriac. Andi knowi am not.
I have dealt with severe itching / burning and wierd like peircing in my back, and neck. I was prescribed Atarax for hives. I do not have hives, just severe itching.
Now, i suffer from such severe fatique and depression that i am medicated for (for over 8 years now) that i can no longer function normally. I have three small children, and this makes life very difficult. I use to be so very energetic and now i can not get enough sleep to even function. It takes everything in me to get up in am to take kids to school.
I have chronic pain in my body. My knees hurt so bad, that i can barely get upa nd down the stairs. I get sharp shooting (like stabbing) pain in my thighs, calves, and upper arms. My hands fall asleep, so much that it wakes me in the night. I have uncontrollable jolting / jerking in my legs, exspeically at night. I am very clumsy now, i have fallen down stairs several times this months alone, like my legs just disapeared. I can not control my baldder and now I am experienceing swallowing problems to the point i will be eating fine, and tehn suddenly start choking on nothing, and start uncontrollable coughing. I have no insurance, and now i am getting a divorce becsue my husband staes he can no longer be with me, cause of no sex drive on my part.
I can not standone more rejection. My health records state that i have all the symptoms and signs of MS with no lesions. Please somebody give me a direction to go.

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