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[QUOTE=MSJayhawk;3849751]Medical advice regarding MS or other nervous system disorder is best provided by your neurologist. February 27th is not far away. Just keep on keeping on each day and you will soon be out of limbo.[/QUOTE]

The Dr won't discuss anything in detail until I see him on Feb 27th....He did tell me there were no changes to the brain when the second MRI was compared to the first one. I do have both reports which I posted below and I do see changes. Am I wrong? Example first report says ventricles are of normal in size and configuration and the second report says abnormal configuration of venticles. Is this of major concern??

As  far as MS is concerned, I have had a spinal tap and EEG...Both normal. I just had evoked potentials done on Jan 21st and I'm still waiting for results.

My hope was to have a better understanding of these terms so when i went to see the neuro on Feb 27th, I could have some great questions prepared in hopes of getting some answers.

I do understand, none of you are drs but I thought maybe some of you may know some of the meanings of the words.

I have had almost all symptoms of MS over the years but blew them off as just getting older and putting on weight over the years. The only symptom I've never had is with my eyesight.

I did have 2 Brain MRIs thus far. First was done without enhancement.....The second was done with enhancement.

The first MRI was done May 08......The results as follows
The ventricles are normal in size and configuration. perventricular white matter changes in the centrum semiovale suggestive of microvascular infarcts and/or demyelatinating disease.

Second MRI was done 12/08.....The results as follows
There is prominence of the ventricles and sulci for age...Possible volume loss.
There is abnormal configuration of the ventricles with probable exvacuo dilation of the occipital horns.
There is a paucity of parieto-occipital white matter.
There is diffuse hypointensity of the calvarium,

I do have things working against me and why it's been difficult coming up with a definitive diagnosis.

I have hasimotos Thyroidism
3 herniated disc and loss of curvature of the cervical spine
3 herniated disc of the lower spine

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post :)

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