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I am currently going through testing and I "think" the dr is looking at MS. I have tingling fingers, tingling between my shoulder blades, leg weakness and leg pain.

I was just wondering if any of you had similar experience. This all has been quite a long road. I appreciate your time.
I have foot drop. I suppose that would count as leg weakness. A question for you, did your doctor say he/she suspected MS? If not, what lead you to believe he/she thinks thats what it is?

If it is MS your in the right place for support, and just remember that it isn't the end of the world. Good luck to you as you and your doctor seek the cause of your symptoms.

Welcome Jayhawk. I well understand your complaints. Are you seeing a MS specialist? I see Dr. Lynch at KUMC. Leg weakness and Leg pain follow me daily, though my passive exercise seems to be helping greatly.

The road you are walking is well traveled and it does not need to be lonely. Just keep on keeping on and you will get your diagnosis soon. You are in my prayers. :angel:
Welcome to you. I have similar tingling sensations, so I understand how annoying it is. I also have extremely weak legs that can turn to jelly or just stop working when MS comes and says Hello. I'm sorry you're in this "limbo" phase, which many here have went thru. I feel very lucky to have been diagnosed in 5 months.

You've arrived at a great place. Feel free to ask a ton of questions. I hope you don't have MS, but if you do, it's not the end. It's a huge deal and a huge bummer--don't want to minimize that--but it's not all bad. Personally, and I know this sounds corny, I've learned a lot about myself, which I suspect many people with chronic illnesses do. I've also learned my priorities, and how to put things in perspective.

I hope you get a diagnosis of something soon, and please let us know if you have questions or need to vent. There is a lot of amazing support here.
welcome to the forum

i have had similar issues, not only do i get tingling between the shoulder blades, i get the creepy crawlies there also, like something is crawling on me, i also get some annoying pain with it that has lasted for almost 7 months and is finally almost all gone

i also had tingling legs, i still have tingling and burning in my left lower leg and foot, feels hot it you touch cold to it...

although i wouldn't jump to conclusions, as many things mimic MS, but the boatload of MS testing can help identify any neurological anomolies, EMG, bloodwork, MRI with contrast and lumbar puncture....
Welcome Jayhawk,

What you're experiencing sounds like what my symptoms were when I started my journey toward a diagnosis, so know that you're definitely not alone - especially not here! While I hope that your doctors can attribute your symptoms to something that can be easily treated and fixed, you will get great support here. Use this place to get your questions answered and vent when you need to, you'll get great advice from those that have been where you're at right now. Im still in the process of being fully diagnosed and I can honestly say that this board has been a "sanity-saver" on days when I wonder if what Im feeling is all in my head or not.
Again, welcome! And keep us all posted on how you're feeling and what the doctors have to say.


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