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Sherry, its nice that you want to be educated and for us to tell you what all this means, would be writing a book....but here is the gist of it:

MS is a disease of the central nervous system. It affects the eyes, brain and spine. A lesion, is an attack on a nerve, specifiically the myelin sheath, or protective coating of the nerve. Because MS is an auto-immune disease, the body attacks itself- they dont know why- and when it does attack, a scar is left...that scar is called a lesion. An active lesion is one which is new- or recently attacked. There is no way that an old lesion can become active.

Having 11 or 75 lesions doesnt make anyones disease worse then any other....and it doesnt tell us anything....there are different stages to MS and not everyone progresses from one stage to the next. Some people NEVER progress. The fact that your niece is injecting once a week, tells us that she is on Avonex....which also tells me that she has Relapsing-Remitting MS, the most common form of MS, and the only one which the injectiable drugs are approved for...All of the injectable drugs do the same thing- they prevent the disease from progressing, but they do not stop any former damage caused by the initial onset of the disease. The other thing I wanted to point out is it is NOT the amount of lesions - its the placement of them which affects the body...spinal lesions can affect gait or walking, while brain lesions can affect balance, memory or cognitive things- however NONE of this is RULE OF THUMB. I have over 50 lesions, all in my brain. I just finished my MBA with a 4.0 GPA and work a 60+ a week job, while raising three kids and a needy husband! SO, there is no rhyme or reason why some people have trouble walking and remembering while others suffer the more generic symtoms of nerve pain and fatigue.

The disease can progress and the only way to tell for sure if it is is by MRIs and looking for more damage (lesions) to form...only a Neurologist can tell if she is do not die from MS, nor does anything happnen quickly with this disease- many people live for years and years without knowing they have it, and many people choose NOT to treat it with any of the drugs, because they dont know for sure that the injections stop the disease from progressing.

for more info on MS, you can certainly read up on it here, but its also wise to contact the MS society in your area and ask for literature and information. I woudlnt worry so much about your neice- honestly, typos are usually a sign of fatigue (which is VERY common in MS) and not anything else-
I hope this helps you...and that your neice stays well.

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