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All over pain
Feb 13, 2009
I was dx'd 3 years ago with RRMS and have faired well so far (knock on wood). My only real complaint is an all over pain. One area is my back. It's very localized to an area on the right side of the middle of my back, also the lower part of the right side of my head, occasional severe pain in my left knee which will radiate down through my leg. Several times a week when I'm lifting or moving something with my hands, it will feel as though I've pinched a nerve and hurts just for a 2nd in my fingers. It hurts enough that I have to stop what I'm doing and then my fingers will tingle for a bit. My arms and fingers ache, not constantly but almost. I also think I'm having a new MS symptom b/c my fingers will feel wet. It's strange. I will look down to see if there's maybe like a drop of water on them but they're dry. Also, my left foot has been getting tingling. With the exception of the knee pain which thankfully doesn't occur that often, nothing is so bad that I can't function. It's just annoying.

I'm writing today to see what you're thoughts are on if this is all MS related or if something else is going on in addition. I have an appt with my neuro on the 26th so I'll definitely bring all of this up to him.

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