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Hi! I'm new here and have been reading several of the posts. I had been sent to a cardiologist several times in 2006 for an EKG because of "chest pain" (tightening in my chest, a sort of wrapping feeling). EKG came back completely normal. It happened again, but this time, there was pain down my left arm into my fingers (none on the right). So my GP sent me to an orthopaedic surgeon. He did an MRI of my neck and found minimal degeneration and minimal narrowing of the nerve canal. He sent me to a pain doctor. She did injections. It helped a bit, but was still feeling the "wrapping" feeling around my chest. This wrapping feeling only lasted about 10-20 minutes, then would go away. Then my left foot went numb (top of my foot) and also my thigh just above the knee. The numb feeling is like being able to feel myself, but very dull, like through thick material. I went to a neurologist, who did several tests on me - an EMG and balance tests. All came back normal. He put me on Lyrica and Zanaflex. Now, I'm having this tightening in my chest (though now it is more like a wrapping, crushing feeling - like someone is pushing on it HARD) along with severe burning, searing pain down both arms and up into my head that lasts 20-45 minutes, then goes away. I don't experience it every day - I can go several weeks without a bout of it, and I can have several a day when it appears. Also, my left elbow is KILLING me every day (I can barely pick up anything - even a coffee mug)! My left leg is still numb, as well as my foot. Then I started having this ice pick pain in my toes, as well as my head. It comes and goes. Anyway, my pain doctor has again sent me to a neurologist, because "the pain is not consistent with the neck MRI results." I tend to lose my balance, and sometimes stumble now. I chalked that up to getting older, and certain pairs of shoes. Additionally, for about 10 years, I have had severe acid reflux. I am not sure, but when I described my symptoms to my sister (who has been dx'd for over a year now with MS) she said something about the "MS hug." Anyway, my new neuro asked me if I had acid reflux and several other symptoms, which I answered yes to. Then he ordered an MRI with and without contrast looking for MS and a cervical root lesion. Can you please tell me if the above sounds like symptoms of MS? These symptoms have been going on for years, and I really want to know what's wrong with me!! I have had other symptoms once or twice over the past 5 or so years, never to appear again. I am 48 years old now, and have been having these symptoms for several years now. Also have sleep issues now, like not being able to fall asleep, and when asleep, not staying asleep. Tired all the time. I would appreciate any feedback!! THANKS GUYS!:wave:

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