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I'm taking a lot more D3 than that, Lisa, and my levels are still within normal range. I'm due for another blood test soon to check it.

Re: diets, the most popular ones for MS are the Swank and Best Bet -- there are other diets now as well but they use a lot of the same principles. They do tend to be anti-inflammatory and also anti-allergenic. Sometimes you can also do well on your own by understanding which foods do what. Common culprits are sugar (this includes all white flour products), fat, dairy and gluten. Some diets even suggest excluding all citrus. In arthritis (also considered inflammatory/autoimmune) it is suggest to avoid all nightshade vegetables. There are also things you can try to INclude, like walnuts, ginger and turmeric (all anti-inflammatory foods) and other things for brain health (like blueberries).

An interesting list to check out is the glycemic index for foods. While the lists were primarily created in consideration of diabetes, the information is very useful if you're trying to eat anti-inflammatory.

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