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[QUOTE=dwilliams112;3899285] Are IACs usually done along with the brain MRI for MS diagnosis?[/QUOTE]

I am not aware of IAC as part of the diagnostic testing for MS.

Carpal Tunnel causes numbness in the hands and if the ulnar nerve is involved will cause pain and weakness in your arms including the elbow.
The IAC may have been an exploratory, but I have never had it done as part of my MS testing. Now, as to carpal tunnel, this might be a factor in some of your pain just as Snoopy said.

The problem with MS is in knowing what is and is not MS. Even after a diagnosis, questions will arise as to whether or not the "pain de jour" is due to MS. It took me about 3 years of cycling through symptoms and conferring with my doctor. Even now, I will still have questions.

Build a good rapport with your doctor and ask many questions. My neurologist has always been objective with her discussions. As you are unique, your specific complaints might differ from others. :angel:
The IAC could have been for the balance issue. To be certain, I would ask your doctor why the IAC was done. Carpal tunnel pain varies from person to person. I would not want to guess as it might mislead you. I would ask the doctor.
As to why they did the IAC, to a large extent, MS is a dx of exclusion as there are many other conditions that mimic its sx. Even with lesions --although MS lesions do usually have certain characteristics such as shape and location, there are times they can resemble ones found in other conditions, as well as in addition to sometimes present atypically.

Re: the MRI, some doctors are conservative and like to start with a brain MRI only because that is where lesions are most typically found with MS. That said, there is at least one person on this board who has MS but only spinal lesions.

Good luck to you and keep us posted.

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