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Firstly I would like to thank all that responded to my post. As I had said I have never posted/blogged. I was probably just wanting to vent. It is trully amazing the goodness in people to have us in their prayers when they dont even know us. They did do all those tests when they did the lumbar puncture as well as many blood tests. Those all came back negative. For a while I was wondering if my husband was going to need a trransfusion before leaving the hospital because they were taking so much blood. Every night when I cam home from the hospital I would be on the computer every night researching and bringing it up to the dr the next morning. I even suggested sugar toxins which mimics MS bacuse we had Suishi the Friday the symptoms started. To apease us they did a stool and tested for him. However, the MRI did show lesions. There was a "a nice one" as the dr said (not so nice to us) on the right side of his brain that was causing these symptoms he was having. As well as some older ones on the left side. We have made some progress today - he called the local MS chapter and has a dr appointment this afternoon with a new neurologist. Prayers work. Thank you all. Well gotta get ready to take my wonderful husband to the DR. Thanks again for your replys.

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