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I'm 34 and struggling to understand this new part of my life. I have no diagnosis. Bloodwork says no lupus, lyme or diabetes.

I finally saw the neuro, a great neuro I think, this week. What was supposed to be a 45 minute appt. turned into an over-two hour appt. He did a ton of tests.

He pointed out something new to me. My left eyelid is drooping and unable to squeeze it shut all the way. My left pupil is also a different size than my right pupil, sometimes the difference is very noticeable and sometimes it is slight. My vision is also a wreck.

I was unable to feel the cold instrument from feet to mid-calves. I felt it everywhere else. I also had a hard time with the balance test and heel-toe walk, which seems to be par for the course.

As far as all the other tests are concerned, I have no idea which ones were normal but he is ordering EMG, lumbar puncture, additional labs and ophthalmologist exam.

He wrote down tons of stuff and said there were several things we needed to check out. He also said some of my results/symptoms could not be attributed to migraines and that it was not psychological.

He wanted to know how long I was going to live in the area to make sure he'd have time to work with me on getting a diagnosis.

He looked at my MRI results toward the end of the appt. and said "You're brain looks surprisingly good." He did not order a spinal MRI.

He asked if I had ever had optic neuritis. He also said if I had any more "episodes" of whatever this is, I should call immediately. He said not to panic if I wake up paralyzed or unable to see--which kind of freaked me out.

Ok, so my questions--
1. Anyone have the different sized pupils, droopy eyelid or cold test results.

2. I now feel pretty confident no MS because of MRI result. Has anyone had a clear MRI early on and still been diagnosed with MS?

3. Do people stand under the hot shower? He asked me about the shower and I really only can stand to put one part under the water at a time. Is this normal? I spend most of the time out of the water actually.

4. I didn't talk to him about certain bladder issues because I think they are pretty normal. I go and then can go a lot more within a couple of minutes. I don't think this is completely off.

Ok, just in case you wondered--symptoms--the worst of this was in dec and jan of last two years but now seems to be lingering--

loss of vision in 08 for an hour or more on right side (migraine related probably)

bullseyes in visual field--worse in bath tub,

sensation that light is pouring into my eyes from different directions,

sensation of stepping through the floor,

dizziness, spinning,

numbness in different arms, legs, hands,

feeling of pillows on bottom of feet (once),

numb tingling face,

pins and needles,

dropping things (only in 2004 only other thing then was dizziness),

extreme fatigue,

blinding headaches,

muscle knotted up in arm,

feeling that legs aren't attached to body,

walking problems,

eye pain from behind eyes,

parts falling asleep,

that's all i can think of with enchanted playing in the background.

lately vibration like cell phone is sitting on my lap.

numbness in muscle "chunks" of legs

Please respond.

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