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Here I go again...
Mar 15, 2009
In January 2008, I was hospitalized after going to the ER with a numb left leg and arm. A scan had the doc thinking I had a stroke (I was 32!) and I was admitted. An MRI revealed I had not, thankfully, had a stroke. It did show 5 lesions on the brain. My LP was clean and my VEP was normal. I performed poorly on the reflex test, however. I was sent home, diagnosed with a 'migraine' and told to return for another MRI in 6 months. That was clean, too, though the doctor did mention MS as a possibility but said he'd need a separate, distinct 'episode'. I am not sure what that means.

Since that last MRI 10 months ago, I've had some serious burning/tingling in both legs that lasts for days/weeks on end, a tight sensation around my rib cage, pain behind my left eye, numb finger tips, what feels like an electrical shock pouring through my entire body and random muscle 'jumping'. None of these things happen at the same time and all fade away after a while.

Would it be worth another set of MRIs? I stopped mentioning the symptoms from fear of being thought crazy.

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