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Hi everyone,

Well my dr called me yesterday with my MRI results, had my mri march 5th, and he says no real changes since 2004.
My mri in 2004 was clear.
He did say something about seeing something in the sinus area which could be nothing but mucous buildup??? But he also said that they dont think it could cause any of the symptoms I suffer from.

I see neurolgoist April 16 and we will go on from there.
The MRI was only of the head and with no contrast, they did not do mri of the spine this time since the one in 2004 was clear for that one as well.
I have never had an LP either.

I guess I am just feeling a bit down, maybe I am crazy but I was almost hoping they would see something so I can get some sort of treatment.
Now I feel like maybe I am crazy or its all in my head, or maybe I am making myself sick somehow? I dont know.
All I know is that the problems I have are nothing small and are pretty debilitating more often than not.

Been suffering from strange symptoms for almost 10 yrs and they still cannot find out what is wrong with me, have had all kinds of tests and everything always comes back normal and am told each time that my test results show I am healthy as a horse!

So now I am wondering if maybe I am just too anxious and maybe it is anxiety causing all these symptoms....

I suffer from:

1) Tingling, numbness, prickling chill sensations.
2)Buzzing and humming feelings
3)My insides vibrate at times, especially when overtired.
4)Stabbing, sharp sensations in fingertips and toes.
5)Dizzy spells where the whole world seems to turn upside down in an instant but at times simply feels like I am riding an elevator.
6) Persistant headaches
7) Muscles twitch constantly, usually calves, thighs, upper arms, back, stomach.
8) My feet are either constantly freezing as if they are in blocks of ice or either so hot and feel swollen when they are not.
9) feel like bugs are crawling on my forehead, and lower legs.
10) extreme muscle spasms, usually in back.
11) when temperature changes outside my whole body aches, similar to flu aches and pains.
12)visual disturbances, sometimes eyesite turns blurry, colors are different in each eye (see color different shades, not all but most).
13) eyes have also recently (3months) started going "jumpy" makes it hard to read, jumpiness also spreads to facial muscles and throat, voice gets shaky at times.
14) slurring, stuttering, worsening in the last 3 months.
14) forgetfullness, sometimes forget where I am, simple words, peoples names (family members). catch myself constantly standing thinking what was I gonna do?
15) tired! always feel like I need a nap, body feels so heavy and tired and tiredeness becomes almost painful.
16) heavy arms from shoulders to elbows. feel very weak and need to raise shoulders first in order to get my arms going.
17) legs also feel heavy and trip on my own foot quite a lot.
18) recently diagnosed with GERD, dont know if this matters or not.
19) 2 fingertips on right hand have become numb. feels like cardboard somehow when I touch things.
20) at times the floor hums, buzzes underneath my feet.
21) when I hold my left leg in a certain way my whole leg shakes violently
22) on side of face is slightly "droopier" than the other.
and several more things I know I am forgetting but these I had to write as they are constantly with me.
my bad days now by far outnumber the good.

I used to get them every couple months, to eventually every few weeks and they stayed on average 5 days then would go away.
Well in the last 8 months these symptoms do not stay away too long and at this point I am now suffering from all these symptoms at one point or another every few days.

A new symptom of mine that disturbs me is my big toe on my right foot started twitching a month ago and within 2 days the twitch turned into a cramp type thing where it was constantly pulling my big toe downward.
It doesnt really hurt but it does ache the way when you feel a cramp coming on, the ache before the pain. That sensation is constantly there.
After a month it has not gone away but now is so bad that my big toe is always pointed down to the floor and even while standing on it my toe seems to be always "tapping" downwards trying to bend.
The funny thing is that it has also spread to my last 3 toes but the middle toe or longest toe is not involved at all.
At this point my foot is steadily pulling downwards curling my whole foot downwards into a ball and my lower leg is starting to kind of turn inwards as well.
My dr says all we can do is keep an eye on it and see what it does next.

I dont know what to think, I am tired, confused and lost.

Does anyone have any advice for me?
What should I do next?
Am I just crazy or is it just me? Am I somehow doing something to cause my body to do this??

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