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Hello again,

I posted recently how I was not having a good day, well that "not a good day" has turned into not a good few days at all!!

Still feeling weak and shaky and insides seem to be constantly trembling.
Body is achy and feels weak and heavy.
My gerd is really acting up although I am on prevacid 10mg twice a day.
And also having lots of spasms everywhere!

Soooo, I have a question for all of you.....
am wondering if anyone else gets these spasms seemingly in the abdomen??
I swear it feels so similar to a baby moving while you are pregnant! I am NOT pregnant. lol
I figured at first it was gas but noticed last evening that you can actually see the sides of abdomen (not all at the same time, just random twitches) jump and twitch.
Am also getting this in the chest wall and in my back.

Another thing that has been bugging me for the last 3 days is the "grabs".
Hahaha thats the only way I can describe is very startling and wierd and kinda creepy.:eek:
Have been getting this in mainly left arm and lower left leg but it also started in my right arm this morning.
It REALLY feels like someone has grabbed around my arm or leg and are squeezing me!!

It usually lasts only a few seconds but it stayed for a couple minutes last night in my leg.
Felt like someone had grabbed my leg and was squeezing my leg the whole time and also sometimes feels like my sock is has very quickly tightened and feels "clampish"......

I know I know, I may sound crazy but this is an honest to goodness symptom that I have been having for 3 days now!!
And its not only startling and wierd but its kind of freaking me out!!:dizzy:

Anyone ever experience these "grabs" before??? :confused:
Please tell me I am not the only one!!! lol

Thanks in advance to all, take care and happy spring!!

Oh also forgot to mention a couple other things that have popped up in the last 2 days.
Broke out in this wierd rash type thing down my back and on my chest.
Its just patches of bumps that burn and itch like crazy.
This happens to me randomly although not often and they usually go away after a few days but thought I should throw this out there in case it may be related.

Also my skin keeps burning!!
On my cheek, one side of my mouth, my tongue (feels like Ive eaten something spicy when I havent) my torso and arms.
Also my legs keep getting these chill sensations only in patches.

Another thing I should add as well is before this all started, it began with feeling like I had bugs on my legs, not very much but off and on and now it has gotten much worse!
Now it constantly feels like there are bugs crawling on me and not only on my legs anymore its everywhere!! arms, legs, torso, forehead, head!
What in the world is wrong with me??

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