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Hi. first of all, STOP reading your own MRI. Unless you are a medical professional who knows how to read a film - there is absolutely NO WAY you can see lesions and know what you are seeing. My films have white matter all over them- if there were as many lesions as there are white spots, Id be a vegtable.
Secondly, NO Lesions are simply scar tissue and therefore can be there for absolutely any reason....MS is simply one reason. MS lesions are specific in size, shape and placement, and frontal lobe isnt usually where they are found; however migrane headaches are usually in the frontal lobe, and they too, cause lesions...
Lastly, the impression based on the comparison from 2007 says NON SPECIFIC - which leads me to further believe these arent lesions- nor are they specific to anything in particular. Rest assured, when they see MS, they usually mention MS and suggest further testing.
Stop have no reason to be scared at this point, and nothing in your report suggests MS...but honestly, do yourself a favor and put this stuff away. THere is a reason we pay Neurologists to interpret these things and Radiologists to look at them, and no disrespect intended, you arent doing yourself any favors trying to play doctor.
I wish you well....let us know what they say.

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