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Hello all -

I had an MRI of my brain done without contrast (due to allergic reaction previously) on 3-23-2009. The first round they never compared my previous brain MRI scans which had been done on 1-23-2007. But I finally requested that a direct comparison be made as when I examined my 2 copies of MRI scans I could most distinctly see more lesions on the left side of my brain than were there in 2007. I am a 59 year old female.

I will write the exact 1st impression radiologist gave without seeing the MRI from 2007 and then the revised one I just got a couple days ago. The scan in 2007 was due to numbness and tingling on the right side of my face and the most recent was because of vertigo (I do have pretty severe tinnitus in left ear). I also have high blood pressure that has not been treated for some time. It went up and down and the meds always made me ill. My regular doctor did start me on a water pill 25mg and potassium 1x a day but my feet and legs started prickling and I started having raised up rash welts on my arms so he told me to stop taking it. This was right before all this happened as well. Right now I am not taking anything for high blood pressure but it keeps holding pretty steady at around 129/81 give or take abit.

I have been having random pins, needles (feel like a bloody pin cushion I swear!) and numbness here and there on my body now. Sometimes arms and legs feel on fire. Like blood boiling inside. Intense chills for last 3 days but not today. No fever. Everything tends to move around my body. Headaches and some aching joints, especially hips and lower back. I also want to note that on 10-3-2006 I had another brain MRI with contrast and it was unchanged in 2007 as noted in the comparison study. That made me happy at the time.

IMPRESSION from 2007 MRI (with contrast): Stable MRI of the brain. There are several small foci of abnormal signal intensity in the deep white matter of the frontal lobes felt to represent chronic microvascular changes. The remainder of the brain is normal.
There will be 2 impressions given below. The first is without the direct comparison to the 2007 MRI and the second is after the radiologist did a direct comparion:

IMPRESSION from 2009 MRI (no contrast) without direct comparison: There are several foci of abnormal signal intensity within the white matter of both cerebral hemishpheres, predominately in the frontal lobes, likely representing chronic microvascular changes. The remainder of the study is normal.

ADDED IMPRESSION from 2009 WITH direct comparison to the 2007 MRI: Slight progression with new foci of nonspecific white matter gliosis are identified in the brain compared to 1-23-07.

My question is this (and I do go to an MS Neurologist at St. Lukes in Milwaukee, Wi. this coming Friday May 1st for my first visit) - Do lesions on your MRI brain scans always end up being MS? I am scared and very nervous. Today it seems my symptoms are pretty much gone except for an occasional twitching right eyelid, slight burning still in lower legs and feet and slight headache. Tonight I notice my right calf is starting to ache somewhat. Yesterday my right arm and hand was pretty numb though - gone today. How can some days be so good and then others horrible?

I also want to mention that I had gone to my chiropractor and he did 2 sessions on me on 2 different days in one week and this all flared up AFTER he did that. I was almost screaming in pain in there. Went in for low back pain and headaches. He worked me over like he never had neck, upper and lower spine and back, even my wrists. Ouch. So 2 days later....yikes! I felt like I was hit by a truck and all this tingling, numbness, etc. started. My regular doctor was not too concerned about the findings on my latest MRI and dismissed them. Just gave me the high blood medications to start on.

Sorry to be so long winded about this but just trying to be as specific as I can. And I do know that there are many of you here on this board that are MS experts and I have been reading and reading and reading many of these posts. I do get pretty scared reading and so really had decided to stop. couldn't resist writing this letter before I go in to see the neuro Friday. By the way I had a normal MRI of my spine in late 2006 but none since. I do have some disgeneration damage to my C-4 on spine due to a 15 ft. fall through the ceiling of my ex husband's garage, bounced off my mom's car and cut my back open. This was in 1992 though.

So to make a long story story short once more - Do small foci (slighty progessing) on the brain usually diagnose as MS?? What other things MIGHT this be, especially if my spine MRI turns out negative? I am hoping the Dr. will request this - am sure he will. Not being able to have the contrast may be an issue however, although it worked fine I guess for the brain without. I do the open MRI's. Not closed. Cannot stand those.

Okay I am hoping that I'll hear back from someone as, like I said, I am very worried and stressed. Which of course, doesn't help the issue.

Thanks for reading!

Hi. first of all, STOP reading your own MRI. Unless you are a medical professional who knows how to read a film - there is absolutely NO WAY you can see lesions and know what you are seeing. My films have white matter all over them- if there were as many lesions as there are white spots, Id be a vegtable.
Secondly, NO Lesions are simply scar tissue and therefore can be there for absolutely any reason....MS is simply one reason. MS lesions are specific in size, shape and placement, and frontal lobe isnt usually where they are found; however migrane headaches are usually in the frontal lobe, and they too, cause lesions...
Lastly, the impression based on the comparison from 2007 says NON SPECIFIC - which leads me to further believe these arent lesions- nor are they specific to anything in particular. Rest assured, when they see MS, they usually mention MS and suggest further testing.
Stop have no reason to be scared at this point, and nothing in your report suggests MS...but honestly, do yourself a favor and put this stuff away. THere is a reason we pay Neurologists to interpret these things and Radiologists to look at them, and no disrespect intended, you arent doing yourself any favors trying to play doctor.
I wish you well....let us know what they say.
Hi Nikki - Thank you so much for your response. I was afraid I wouldn't hear anything back from anyone. I feel so much more relieved right now about all this. It may just be that my chiropractor really messed my body up as mentioned in my letter. But you are right, I shouldn't be playing doctor. Bad move!! I'll let you know what happens after Friday's appointment and bless your heart for answering my questions. Linda
hi, just wanted to point out that you are responding to a post from april....the poster may not be aware that you are replying. You might want to start a new thread, and introduce yourself, ask some questions and see if you can get answers that way....
The more current posters might have some input for you.
Ill give you this- if you are not convinced that your Neuro is right, then be your own advocate, and find another opinion. Take your test results, and anything you can to another doctor- and let them give you their thoughts. Sometimes, we have to fight when we know something "isnt right".

On the other hand, you also might want to read the McDonalds Criteria for diagnosing MS. You seem to fit it, but I dont have all the information. The original question, does lesions always mean MS- was more geared to only having one or two, I believe. Lesions are scar tissue, they can be caused by severe head trauma, a prior infection (usually of the brain) or other things- they DONT always mean MS, however having 9 of them is really unusual unless it is MS. I had 50 when diagnosed. You need to talk to us more about what tests you have had, why your doctor is so sure.....
Foods, and avoiding foods- will NOT diminish neurological symtoms completely, but they most certainly can help with things like inflammation (which might make you feel better) or if you have any vitamin deficiencies...chances are, you need a second opinion based on medical science and tests.
Take care...

You have the same symptoms I now have. Just wondering what you diagnosis was, hope you are ok.

Debbie, you replied to a poster who posted almost 2 year ago...i kind of doubt youll get a reply...but maybe! Welcome to the boards, why dont you start a new thread and introduce yourself and tell us what you are dealing with, im sure there are others out there who have similar experiences.

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