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I am sorry to hear that you are going through this. I have had ON 12 yrs ago + think I am going through a mild case right now. They only see previous damage and said it is too slight for steroids so just wait it out to see the Neuro-opthamologist. Anyways, my first ON was very cloudy + I didn't know to be scared because I was too young. This mild case has been seriously stressing me out so I don't even know how you must be feeling. I'm wondering if you have ever read the book "Blindsided" by Richard Cohen. Meredith Viera's husband from "The View." It was very inspirational to me. I wonder if it could make you feel better. He has lost almost all his vision, but he is still very positive so maybe it could help alleviate some of the fear.
I am still in limboland. I hope this is your last relapse for a very long time!!!!

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