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MS symptoms
May 14, 2009
Hi all,

Ive posted on the CFS board before because I have been having symptoms os MS but through testing was told it was not MS. I was happy to hear I do not have MS but as the weeks have progressed new things have poped up which are frustrating to go through without having a lable to go with them. It all started a little over two months ago on March 5th having frequent urination thinking it was a UTI. Then symptoms progressed to tingling on the left side of my face, arm, and abdomen. Other early symptoms were weakness on my left side and left eye was sensative to light, also extreme fatigue. I had tons of blood test, MRIs and a LP. All were clear except the MRI of the brain which showed something on the left side of my brain but that did not match my symptoms.
New things that have started about 2 weeks ago are extreme muscel pain in my legs and the bottoms of my feet are also in extreme pain, both increase with walking etc. Im learning to be patient and deal with all these new pains and such but it is still difficult not to know why my body is doing this. I am usually a very active 23 year old and ive tried to stay that way but its tough with the pain. My feet are the worst right now. I also get floaters which are ocular migraines and a burning pain in my back when i put my head down and it travels down my back and under my left breast. If any one has any ideas or suggestions they would be GREATLY appreciated.:confused:

Thanx for reading,


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