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Re: MRI results
May 19, 2009
Normally, a MRI is read within a few long it takes them to get the report to your Neuro, and how long it takes him to look at it, is another story. Call your Neuro's office and ask them what the hold up bigger hospitals, doctors are able to print the report online immediately from their offices- it really depends on the hospital system with which you are affiliated, or your MRI center is affiated. I go to a free standing MRI center, and they will automatically email the report to any doctor in the country immediately upon the reading.
In the future, you might want to ask for copies of the films - either on CD or actual films to keep....I have every MRI for the past 4 years at all times in a box under my bed...that way, when my eye specialist (Neuro-Opthamologist) wants to see the last two, I have them...when I go to my MS specialist, I take the last 2 MRIs for comparison sake..its good to ask for them...they'll give them to you (if you ask) within a few minutes of the dont have to go back to get them. At this point, if its not too inconvienient, I would call them and ask them to make you a copy. You (your insurance company) pays for this and its not cheap! You have a right to a copy...the report, if you want it, you have to ask your doctor for, they dont have to release that to you..
Good luck.

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