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Could this be MS?
Jun 9, 2009
I am a 22 year old male who is going through a lot of testing right now to figure out my problem. Let me say that before this past winter, I was never sick nor experienced pain. When this past semester started, is when my odd symptoms started. Here is what I had/still going through in order of when they started:

-electric shock feeling while falling asleep
-acid reflux
-globus sensation
-loss of appetite for a week
-muscle twitching
-muscle cramps
-pins and needles feeling in hands, feet, face... Paraesthesia
-when turning my head left, I get a bizarre nerve shooting sensation down left arm
-eye pain
-chills when it is 70 degrees
-jerking of muscles
-restless leg syndrome
-legs feel fatigued after a few hours at work
-buzzing sensation in hands
-buzzing sensation in legs
-biting tongue while sleeping
-hands shaking
-excessive yawning
-facial pain ie. cheeks
-slurred speech
-stuttering speech
-sleeping a lot, 9 hours or more on days off
-high blood pressure since it all began (only at doctors office... white coat syndrome)

These are the tests that I have had in order of when they were taken:

10 + doctor visits, 2 hospital visits, and 1 er visit

-barium swallow
-blood test 1
-urine test
-blood test 2
-chest x-ray
-ct scan
-blood test 3 (vitamin b12 specific) ***
-mri ***
-neurologist appointment this August

*** these tests are pending results

As for the other tests, everything has come back normal. The last few tests have come after I began to stutter. My weight has been all over the map.. from as high as 224 to as low as 209. I am at 215 currently.

The other day I had a weird experience when I opened the dishwasher (just as it finished) there was a rush of hot steam. I had this unusual feeling rush through me. That's when I learned of heat tolerance.

My doctor, who I am changing, is not really sure what I have. I have had two different docs, mine and the one at the hospital, say that I need to see a neurologist. I am stressed, especially since the stuttering started.

My doctor even joked when this all started by saying: "What's the matter? You think you have MS?"

My mother already decided I need a better doctor. We are waiting for the MRI results to go forward.

During the last doctor visit, my doctor began asking me a lot of questions that pertain to MS, and then ordered an MRI. So I am guessing, ONLY GUESSING, that she might have MS on her mind.

It may be hard to believe that I went through all this... but I have, and still am. I can not count how many medications that I have been on. The one I really wanted, some for the stress, my doctor refused to give me.
[QUOTE=MSNik;4009167]you seem to be covered with insurance then, Blues...just dont let anything lapse, where you dont have coverage and youll be fine.
When you get that MRI, while you are there- before the test begins- ASK FOR A COPY OF THE FILMS OR CD! The ordering physician will be able to give you a copy of the report when you see him however, you definately want copies of the CD or films WHEN YOU MOVE TO NY because getting them from PA is going to be a problem. YOu should start getting copies of everything- blood work, reports, exams, anything you can get your hands on and start a folder to have with you.....there is NOTHING WORSE then having to get these tests done again because they cant get them from your original doc, or worse yet- having to pay for them 6 months down the road- or still worse yet- having a relapse or attack, and having to wait 3 weeks until the old docs staff gets around to forwarding them to the new doc. Get the picture? ! :dizzy:

Having everything on file is always a good idea. I have MRIs every 6 months- and each time I see my Neuro aftewards, he wants both the new films, and the previous films from 6 months ago, to make a comparison. Same with my eye doc...I have had Optical Neuritis several times and see a Neuro-Opthamologist...I go once a year now; but each time, he asks me to bring the last 2 MRI films...right now, I could wallpaper my bathroom with films of my head and spine!

Your going to be okay pal....keep your chin up and keep positiive and truly, really know- that MS doesnt have to change your life (if thats what it is) and that all of us here have been where you are....anxiety and fear will cause you more problems then the chin up and hang tough.

Does it cost money to get a copy of all your films? I had a CT scan, chest x-ray (no entirely sure why for that one) and now the MRI, do I have to pay for these copies?

I am looking deeper into certain signs of MS and I am looking into the timing of several of them that I experienced. I remember the moment when I got the pins and needles feeling, it was accompanied with a headache that was on the very top of my head. (Never had a headache like that before) The pins and needles experience was something I have never had before. It would first strike in the legs, then the arms, and finally the face. I first thought that it was a reaction to medication, but the pins and needles sensation wasn't a primary or even a secondary side effect of this particular drug. Only two or three people I read about had SLIGHT pins and needles, what I experienced was full blown.

It was also around that time when I began to get the heavy muscle twitching, and occasional spasm. The twitching has fallen off by 75% since that initial rush I had in the beginning.

Could this have been an episode?

I am not jumping to any conclusion, but every time I look back, it reminds me of another "thing" that I just brushed aside thinking it was nothing. In fact, the first abnormal thing I had happen to me occurred in mid January. As I am falling asleep, I would get this feeling like electricity rushing through my chest downward. It took me several nights to realize I wasn't dreaming it. It doesn't hurt, but it jots me awake. I thought I saw the end of these, as they disappeared for a while. Several nights ago, it happened again.. first time in about 2 months.

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