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Well, I finally have a chance to tell everyone how my neurologists appointment went on Wednesday.

If I could describe the appointment in one word, it would be disappointed. I walked out of the clinic feeling like I was just robbed. I was in the exam room for no longer than 5 minutes before it was over.

The exam consisted of going over the blood tests, going over any new symptoms, and renewing my prescriptions.

I learned that I had the Epstein Barr Virus which he said normally means you have mono. I asked if that meant 100% I had mono, and he said he could not say. He told me that I had traces of the virus in my blood, and said that it was probably mono. He said that the virus was all but out of my system.

He told me that I did not need any further blood tests because he felt it would be pointless to do so.

Well, I should not complain. He kept asking if there were any new symptoms. When I told him no, he asked about my current ones. After telling him I was at about 95%, he felt confident with that.

Next thing I knew, he was bumping up my Lexapro to 20mg ( I didn't know it went that high?) and gave me more Xanax. He told me that I will start to come off the Xanax, and soon after the Lexapro. He told me to only take the xanax when I felt I needed to. He said that with my improvements, I should be able to come off the medication in a short while.

With that, the appointment was over. A grand total of 5 minutes. I should not complain though, because there were a lot of people there that had obvious disorders, and I appeared to be completely fine. After having time to think about it, he probably had patients that were far worse than I was that he needed to see.

He wanted me to make an appointment in three months, but since school will be in by then, I held off from making an appointment.

I shall leave with two final notes.

First. My mother was diagnosed with bechets disease a couple years ago. If you are not familiar with it, its because it is more common in the middle east and japan. It is a disease that attacks the immune system, and one that causes inflammation and sores in the mouth and what not. It's hardly ever seen in the U.S., but it looks like me and my twin brother might have it. The hallmark sign of this disease is mouth sores...aka canker sores. My mother gets them all the time. I have been having them off and on my entire life, but they are becoming more vicious as of late. I just got over a sore on my tongue.. and not too long ago, one that was on my uvula. The disease is accompanied by other things as well, such as joint pain and skin problems. Although it is too early to tell, me and my brother might have the disease my mother has.

Could bechets be playing a role? Maybe.

Second. My great grandfather died this past week. He was 93. This was my last great grandparent. I have seen four great grandparents die over the last five years. It is sad to see them go, and they will be missed. My family members have traditionally lived long and healthy lives, thus the longevity of my last great grand parent. I am hoping I have THAT gene. No need to wish me condolences please.

I guess in conclusion, it appears that stress and anxiety can cause a great deal of symptoms. Just when I thought I was truly sick, I was put on medication and now I am feeling better. Although there are a few symptoms STILL lingering around, they are not consuming my life. I know that I need to shut off the computer and go out and enjoy life. See you all, and thanks for the support. Good luck with your MS battles.

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