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I had an appt Tuesday with a Neuro that the VA (Veteran's Administration) set up for me. He advised me to see my regular neuro as it appeared I was having a relapse. I see my neuro today who's gung-ho about doing things naturally with an ayurvedic diet. I tried embracing all the herbs and diet because she seemed convinced it would work for 2 months and it just made me feel worse. Even though I'm having a relapse, she doesn't want to prescribe any meds, even with the pain in my right leg from the spasticity. Has anyone else tried this? Did it work for you or not? Is it wise to forgo the meds in lieu of herbal medicine when it clearly didn't work for me before? Right now, I'm having pain in my right leg, numbness/ tingling in both legs/feet and weakness/trembling in left arm/hand, my head feels "foggy" and my reflexes in my legs were abnormal. I'm not saying it doesn't work for some people. Did I just not give it a long enough chance? I just don't see how eating a piece of cheese before bed instead of the morning is going to make me fall apart. I'm also concerned that the relapse will get worse before it gets better. Thanks for any advice!

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