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Jul 6, 2009
Hi there I got the results of my MRI (without contrast) just over a month ago and am still waiting for my appointment with the MS neurologist even to be made. It takes for ever to get appointments. I see my gp doctor in 2 days, and Iím wondering if I should ask for a MRI done with contrast. Seeing as how long it takes to get anything done. This is the radiologist impressions: No lesions in brainstem or cervical spinal cord, normal vascular flow voids, no chairs malformation. Multiple scattered T2/flair foci of signal abnormality predominantly in the supratentorial brain as described. The distribution of the lesions is nonspecific, and could relate to ischemic small vessel disease or potentially the sequelae other vascular process including multiple migraines. Iíve had migraines for 10 to 15 years now, really bad ones, I become non functioning, canít deal with light, noise or much movement). The juxtacortical lesion and the lesions in the pericallosal white matter raise the possibility of a demyelization process. For those who have been there do you think the neurologist will want the MRI with contrast or will that depend on the pictures? Or am I just getting ahead of myself again? Iím just thinking that if there are still tests that need to be done anyways, then get them done while I wait. Would love to get you advice. lexie2

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