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Have you been seen by a neurologist or a neurologist who handles MS. There is a difference.

Right now, please know that you can live with the MS and still raise your 2 little ones. I have been living with this for going on 32 years. If you are afraid, the fear and stress can combine to make your condition worsen.

I had a nephew with CFS, but your description of symptoms, to me, do not indicate CFS. He had to take a break for 12 years before he got to a point of normalcy and moved on in his life.

Since your last MRI was 18 months ago, I suggest seeing a MS specialist and having a MRI with and without contrast of your brain, cervical spine, and thoracic spine. Read up on the McDonald Criteria and keep a daily journal of your symptoms. Record details like how you feel, what you ate before/or what you were doing prior to the symptoms, how long the symptoms persisted, and so on. Get pro-active with the MS Specialist and you will get to the bottom of your dilemma. You may find in your journal, that you have a pattern preceding a symptom presenting. You may be able to avoid the symptom by adjusting out of the pattern.

If you have MS, physical exhaustion as well as mental fatigue can cause many of your problems. When either of those two bother me, instead of constipation, my symptoms are opposite (run for the hills ;) ).

You may find that there are textbook symptoms and your symptoms. There is no ABSOLUTE list of symptoms in MSers. Each person with MS may present as uniquely as they are created.

I will keep you in my prayers. Believe me, in 1982 I was really scared and fearful for about 2 days. My doctor told me that the stress would kill me and that I should avoid stress and live my life. As my disease has progressed, I have been able to do less, but I still live a blessed life.

Focus on your family and the legacy you want to create for them. Taking the focus off yourself (except for being aware of your life triggers and your daily journal) will allow you to remove the fears you have. Let your heart not be troubled, you are among friends. :angel:

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