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MS, could it be?
Jul 21, 2009
Hello. I hope to make this quick. I have another thread in the anxiety discussion detailing my whole story.

I am a cybercondriac I think. Five days ago I got this stinging sensation right between my shoulder blades. So I looked it up...and read MS, and got worried. Since then I think I may have leg weakness, but not very weak at all. My eyes don't get blurry. After I read about numbness in hands and feet I think I have that (could just be me convincing myself of it) but its nowhere near like what I read here. Like, I have to question the feeling where I read here and it seems like its a very obvious sensation. Also Ive been questioning if my walk isnt right, or if I'm being more clumsy than usual.

The big thing, is other than the tingling between my shoulder blades the rest of the things that worry me go away until I start to worry or think about it again. Also, good long hot showers do not make anything worse. Everything goes away fast, including the sensation between the shoulder blades. It only hits me maybe 3 times a day.

So, does this sound like early MS, or do I need to stay in the anxiety forum? Thanks all, sorry to bother.

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