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Just want to say sorry for the long post in advance but I need to vent....

I am a white male, 44 years old, 6' 3" and 270lbs.

About a month ago I started with a pretty severe headache, both sides of the head, top. Put up with it for about a week and then went to see my doctor, my sugar was checked about an hour after eating and came in at 120, was given migraine med. but that didn't help at all. After a couple of days called the dr. and was sent for a MRI and given a different perscription, this one didn't work either, just decided to put up with it. At this point I was not taking any medicine. The headache would rate anywhere from a 2 to an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, but it would never go away. The MRI results came in and my dr. set an appointment with a neurologist, had to wait approx two weeks for the appointment. While waiting for the appointment had the following symptoms: eye pain, very blurry vision (could not read at times, could just see black and white), at times could not find a word when speaking (about 6 or 7 times), dizziness, hand tremors and if I tried to step over something I would almost loose my balance and finally some feelings of being extremly tired. During the wait I got a copy of my MRI and after putting the radialogist notes into google it keep coming back as possible MS. As a side note the headache went away about 2 days prior to my appointment.
Just saw the neurologist today and want some feedback. The dr. came in and asked about my symptoms and while I was telling him he kept interupting and asking other questions. I never mentioned what I had found on google and his first comment was that it's not MS, that made me feel pretty good for a while. He said it was migranes but he then complained that he had not seen the actual MRI scans. When I asked about a 3.5 week migrane he just kind of ignored me. I gave him the copy of the MRI I brought and he put it aside and said that he would look at it later. He did some quick checks, tuning fork and a cold metal disk, and noticed what he called a dropped foot? He then scheduled me the following tests: balance test, EMG, memory test, and blood work to check for diabetes and thyroid among numerous other things. We then (he and I and my wife, she is the best thing!) went and looked at the MRI scans, he pointed out about 8 -10 lesions but said they were too small for MS but were the result of migraines. The final comment was after all the tests I should schedule another appointment with him.
Does all of this sound normal? I did not go through medical school (would flunk out in a week maybe less!!) but it seems the symptoms point to MS but he is not even considering it. Comments............



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