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I recently noticed I get random buzzing sensations in my left foot and arm; they are not continous. I am told I do sleep a great deal on my left arm as of recent. I should also say that my left ankle is very weak/screwed up. Also,
I have been inactive for atleast 3 months due to some other illness earning me very tense muscles all over my body along with my back feeling out of line but I'm just convinced it's MS. I was told by drs. that they would definitely know if something was up, along with my 2nd cousin who has it stating he failed the knee-jerk reaction test and became notably paralayed in one side one morning. Now My vision is fine, I'm never tired, I love the heat, I can flex my muscles in my legs, balance on my tiptoes, and even lift 20lb weights without faltering/dropping them, but the sensations are what is really scaring me. They come and go. I've been told by 4 drs. it's all stress/anxiety; any input would be helpful. :confused:

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