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I see all kinds of specialists LOL. My urologist is the one who wanted me to see a neurologist to see if my bladder issues were as a result of something going on with my spine.

I am going to see my endocrinologist in a month for a follow-up, and now I have to ask her about Vitamin D because my GP wants me on 3000 IU of it. I currently take activated Vitamin D because I don't have the parathyroid glands to send out the hormone that tells my body to do that. As a result, I don't absorb calcium normally. I told my GP I wanted to ask the endo first because of Vitamin D toxicity.

The more I have been reading about the symptoms some people feel with MS, the more I say to myself "ya, I have that too" and it's making me feel like I shouldn't read anymore LOL these things are like normal to me. I have like the electrical buzzing constantly in my feet and lower legs, and hands. I have had the tremors in my hands, which aren't all that bad as they once were. I have alot of muscles spasms as well. The other night, my memory was jogged about when my right side of my nose would go numb on occasion and would last about 20 mins, then be fine. Most of my symptoms have been blamed on low calcium, but I've been in the normal range for over 4 years now and I shouldn't be feeling any of them, according to my endo.

I'm just hoping that the neuro will say the same thing as my GP, and this is what I have and let's treat it. I don't want to wait for another attack to happen. I'm gonna be 40 soon and I'm getting to old, I think, to waste any more time. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what the neuro says....waiting is a killer I'll tell ya.

Glad to hear from you Lex though, and hope they get to the bottom of your bladder issues.

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