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2 yrs. ago I was diagnoised with a right temporal lobe brain tumor. However there were ?'s as to whether or not this is actually what I have by all Doctors that I have seen. One says yes you need a biopsy and one says no but your symptoms don't make sense. My symptoms started many years ago as a teenager with severe leg and arm pain... of course like all parents to I was told that I had growing pains....
Then as a young adult I had terrible headaches that just wouldn't go away for weeks at a time...then a few years later I started having terrible bowel issues. I couldn't go to a restuarant without spending time in the restroom afterwards... usually 30 mins or more.. or at least it seemed like it...
Then I started falling asleep and staying tired all the time.
When we went to Tennessee on vacation I had a mishap at Opry land and had to buy new clothes... Then at the Walmart I passed out. Went to the ER and they said my potassium was low.
Went to a doctor when i got back home and was diagnoised with hypoglycemia.
I changed my diet and that seemed to help some. I used to work out all the time but then i got to where i couldn't anymore. Started having muscle problems and joint pain.
I gained wt. Started working out again trying to get it off and would have to stop and sit down because of bowel issues and have my son go and get the car for me. Then i started with constipation. Mood swings. I was diagnoised with depression and then perimenopause.
One day I started having serve nausea and abdominal pain, headaches numbness and tingling in my left arm, palpitations, and chest tightness. I thought I was having a heart attack. Nope everything came back normal.
Then i started having severe dizzyness with my headaches. ringing in my ears and facial numbness. Burning sensations in certain spots of my body.
MRI done was told that I had a right temporal lobe brain tumor.
However they couldnt rule out MS.... I have had several attacks where I have gone numb on one side of my body or my muscles felt very tight. I was told that none of this made sense. But the Neurologist never did a spinal tap. I did have a week of EEG in the hopital and was told two conflicting reports. One I was having some type of sezure( just forgot how to spell) ugh., on both sides of my brain and one was no just on the left side. No biopsy would be done because they were afraid I would be worse off than I am now.
My cognitive thinking is horrible. Times I forget things I have known for years. Such as my drivers Liscense, how to spell simple words, what things are called. Medicines and what they are used for... I am a Medical Assistant.
Recently told I have Fibromyalgia because I hurt all over. Even the cats paws hurt. I am having severe back pain, and my MRI of my cervical spine showed i had 2 bulging disc. But my pain is all over my back and numbness in my neck and shoulders and feet. and my eye sight has changed so much,as well as my hearing is less.
Now I have no insurance....I don't know what to do....Can anyone give advise?

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